5 special benefits of cold brew coffee with the recipe.

Do you know about the benefits of cold brew coffee?

Coffee is a popular drink all over the world. Regular drink coffee is good habits for health. In this post, I will explain 5 special benefits of cold coffee. These must need to know you if you want to save yourself from premature death. And I have explained here why cold coffee is best instead from hot coffee.

Below I put cold coffee, making instruction in a short time. So, guys, let’s discuss it.

Discussed here the benefits of cold brew coffee.

Stomach Pain

1. Reduces gastric and acidity problem.

If you ask me, what is the major benefit of a cold coffee?

Then it’s the answer is to get around from stomach pain. A lot of people in the world to dislike coffee for gastric problems, although they want to drink it.

Cause, acidity measure by PH scale, and our impartial PH is 7, which isn’t acidity & alkaline. When it scales below 7 that means acidity. And hot coffee average ph is 4.85 to 5.10, which means it’s acidity. So, hot coffee is painful for our stomach.

The fresh normal temperature water Ph scale is 7. When the water temperature is over 100°C it Ph reduce and come to near 6 scales.

After adding coffee and hot milk, it comes into 4 to 6. But when the water temperature is 0°C, then Ph is increase up to 7.5 from 7. That means it works as alkaline and reverses against acidity.

2. Reduces heart disease risk and ensure long life:

Nowadays, the worldwide maximum cause of unexpected death is a heart attack or stock. That is very risky and tragedy nowadays.

Cold coffee increases insulin awareness, balances blood sugar, and reduce blood pressure. Medical science says everyday drink 3-5 cups of coffee reduce 20% of heart attack risk. And regular 3-5 cups of hot coffee are perilous for increase acidity. So you can take cold coffee regularly for long life.

3. Cold coffee boosts metabolism ability:

Metabolism process is the main and most important works of our body.

To reduce the metabolism process, many people are suffering from body weakness in the world.You are hungry, but you can’t eat enough, it’s a terrible effect on your life.  But, regularly eating cold coffee 15% increase the metabolism process. That is an exceptional opportunity for your body.

4.Reduces risk from type 2 diabetes:

Diabetes is a major issue in the world. 10.5% of American people are suffering from diabetes problem. You are very risky if you are an official employee or your parents have diabetes.

But, one survey in over 36,900 guys founded that, who takes 4 cups of cold coffee every day, his have a 30% lower risk from diabetes. Cause cold coffee control slow digestion and keeps balance blood sugar.

5.Improving the state of mind:

After research from 370,000 peoples founded that cold coffee is an increase in a state of mind and makes depression-free.

Regular drink coffee improves 17% of the mental state. If you take coffee regularly, you will find a huge change in your mind and body.

Coffee Recipe

Coffee Recipe

Easy to make cold coffee brew.

Here I am telling you how can make a very simple way by only 2 ingredients. But you can add milk, chocolate, vanilla, banana, etc. But simple cold coffee is most helpful for health. Sometimes you can add these ingredients for making tastefully.

Below, step by step, making instruction.


  • 2 cups fresh Water.
  • Coffee beans.


  • Purchase coffee beans from a local or online market.
  • Blend beans in a coffee grinder.
  • Take water in a jar and mix coffee powder.
  • Keep it on five minutes for well mixes with water.
  • Filter it into a thin paper.
  • Serve it with an ice cube or you can fridge it 10-12 hours.

Note: When you keep it in the refrigerator, then filter it before serving, after 10-12 hours later. And you can store it up to 15 days.

Bottom Line:

If you drink cold coffee regularly, you can save yourself from an unexpected heart attack, high blood pressure, stomach pain, with many health diseases. Also, your mind will be fresh. So, make coffee drink habit. Make it much amount and store it in the fridge to drink regularly.

Trusted Source From: https://www.healthline.com

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