Top-4 Best Mini Freezer Reviews

After 72 hours of analysis, research, study, we picked here the top 4 best mini freezers from Amazon. There has a lot of mini size freezer in the online market. But after considering Price, Capacity, Popularity, Frozen ability, user recommendations, and more 10-15 sides, we’ve select these top 4. So we hope you won’t be disappointed here, to choose the perfect Freezer model for you.

Firstly, see at a glance which we have picked for you.

  • Whynter has 31 Liters storage capacity. That is our most mini size and cheap price here.
  • Midea has 124 liters capacity, and it can be up to -28° C frozen. that is our top freezing ability freezer.
  • Arctic King has 124 liters storage capacity too. But it’s our most affordable price freezer as high storage capacity.
  • Kismile is grabbed the overall good position, considering capacity, price, freezing ability, etc more sides. Its price is under $200.

Our best mini Freezer picked:







Whynter CUF-112SS 1.1 cubic feet Upright Freezer

Technical Details.

  • Size: 17L x 18W x 19H inches.
  • Weight: 35 lbs.
  • Capacity: 1.1 CFt/31 liters.
  • Freezer type: Upright.
  • Colling ability: -18°C to -23°C.

What do we like?

  • Best-selling model.
  • Best for any tiny space.
  • Price under $200.
  • Comes with Door lock feature.
  • Reversible door.
  • Lower sound.
  • High cooling ability as a most mini freezer.

What don’t we like?

  • Not door storage.
  • Storage is not customizable.



Midea MRC070S0AWW 5.0 CFt. capacity Chest Freezer

Technical Details.

  • Size: 24.1L x 21.7W x 33.5H inches.
  • Weight: 68.8 lbs.
  • Capacity: 5 CFt.
  • Colling ability: -12° to -28° C.
  • Freezer type: Chest.
  • Fully frozen time: 5 hours.
  • Energy Cost: 218kw year.
  • Power: 115v & 120w.

What do we like?

  • Up to -28°C cooling power.
  • 140 Liter Freezer storage.
  • High storage capacity & cooling ability.
  • Perfect for professional uses, too.
  • Only 218 KW/$20-$25 electric costs per year.
  • Two-year compressor warranty.
  • 1 year other parts warranty.
  • Included wire Basket storage.
  • Easy access defrost line.
  • Easy cleanable.

What don’t we like?

  • Higher price.
  • Not automatic defrost.
  • Just 2 adjustable temperature control mode.

3. Affordable

Chest Freezer

Arctic King 5 Cu ft. chest Freezer.

Technical Details.

  • Size: 25 x 21 x 33 inches.
  • Weight: 59 lbs.
  • Storage: 5 CFt.
  • Freezer type: Chest.
  • Colling ability: -18° C.
  • Energy Cost: 218kw year.

What do we like?

  • Top selling model.
  • Fast cooling ability.
  • 140 liters storage capacity.
  • Lower price as a high storage capacity.
  • Easy cleanable & defrost drain.
  • Removable wire basket.
  • Estimated 218 KW/$20-$25 electric costs per year.
  • Also, perfect for professional uses.

What don’t we like?

  • Manual defrost.
  • Just 2 temperature control mode.

4. UNDER $200


Kismile 2.1 Cu. Ft Upright Freezer.

Technical Details.

  • Size: 17L x 21W x 25H inches.
  • Weight: 39 Lbs.
  • Storage: 2.1 CFt. /59 liters.
  • Freezer type: Upright.
  • Colling ability: -14°C to -22°C.
  • Energy cost: 219 KW/per year.

What do we like?

  • Adjustable 7 temperature controller.
  • Reversible door.
  • Customizable 3 sections of storage.
  • High cooling ability.
  • Lower Compressor sound.
  • Energy-saving, 219 KW/$20-$25 costs per year.
  • Best for a dorm, home, or office.
  • 1-year warranty.

What don’t we like?

  • Haven’t door storage as an upright freezer.

A mini freezer is the best alternative to a large refrigerator for storing frozen foods. Cause a small refrigerator’s freezer is tiny. And it isn’t sufficient for the store of frozen foods. And when you want to take a refrigerator, which has to be much freezer space. That price is around thousand dollars.

So, guys, it’s best to purchase a mini freezer for storage a lot of frozen foods. When you don’t have a lot of budgets to take a large fridge, or you need only the freezer section. see described below, our top 4 picks mini freezers.

1. Whynter CUF-112SS 32 liters mini upright Freezer.

Whynter CUF-112SS

If you are looking for the best mini size upright freezer for your home, Whynter CUF-112SS is our top pick here. This is the great featured tiny model, for below $200 price.

Can it does freeze any foods up to -23.33°C. It’s amazing as the smallest model. Reversible door, top-quality compressor, free-standing placement, energy star rated, etc feature included in this.

Also, it has excellent locking features that can secure your foods.

So, you can buy this cause, for a best-selling model and cheap price with excellent features. If 31 liters storage is to be enough for you. Or check out below more store capacity models.

2. High-Quality Midea MRC070S0AWW.

midea MRC050S0AWW

If you are looking at the best higher-quality, top-selling, and maximum frozen power mini 5 CU Ft. chest freezer. Midea MRC070S0AWW is the best quality, and it has an up to -28 degree deep-frozen ability as a mini freezer.

  1. And this yearly electric cost is 218kw, its average price is $20 to $30 as estimated USA. Usually, that energy needs to, when you will use a mini-refrigerator. So it is a great energy saver as a deep freezer.

Also, this seller offering a two-year compressor warranty. Which is the best for reliable and long-last uses.

3. Affordable, Arctic King 5 Cu ft Chest Freezer.

Arctic King

Arctic King is our best affordable price 5 Cu ft high storage ability freezer. It also comes with similar features, like Midea Cu Ft. That is, easy deforest drain, removable basket, $20-$25 yearly energy cost, but this price is lower than Midea.

So, you can take this one for uses home, office. And it’s especially best for the shop or commercial uses. Cause you can store here high-frozen Ice cream, birthday Cake, Chocolate, etc more. That is the perfect model, instead of a large commercial refrigerator in your shop, restaurant, or food business.

4. Medium Ranges, Kismile 2.1 Cu Ft Compact Upright Freezer.

Kismile 2.1 Cu.ft

Kismile is the best for home or kitchen uses. 2.1 Cft or 59 liters is enough for home uses as a small freezer. And this is an upright freezer, upright is best for use home instead chest.

After considering a few reasons, that is up to -22 degrees Celsius frozen ability, only 219kw energy cost per year, 7 adjustable temperature controller, quick cooling ability, etc more features than we selected in this list.

It’s noise only 40db which is very silent. You can place it in your bedroom. And for this excellent design, upright shape, it will be easily fit any place.

So, guys after all off considering compared other mid-range upright freezers, we found that Kismile is the best mid-range small freezer under $200 price. This price is enough lower when you compare the other $200 freezer and quality.

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