Chicken noodle soup with chicken stock

Chicken Noodle Soup Recipe

Today I’m very excited because I’m going to show a popular recipe in the USA.

Are you looking effortless way, step by step, chicken noodle soup recipe?

Recently a survey I have found, almost 300k USA people are searching this recipe on the internet.

Wow, great. So I’m going to showing here, how you will cook at home, quickly,tasty, healthy, your favorite soup. For the clear practical concept for this recipe, I’ve mentioned  2 explicit videos.

If you have zero knowledge at the recipe, I think you can make, tasty this noodle soup after seeing every step, and video.

Are have suffered for the fat problem?

Have you Doctor prohibits for eating fast food?

Can’t eat, tasty food for the fat problem?

Are you afraid to eat delicious food, for Increasing weight?

So, Reading continuou…

Don’t worry, doesn’t exist here the fatty ingredient. Cause I’ve used here many vegetables, with chicken and noodles. Which the best practice for diet chart. For weight loss, this recipe is best instead of bread or something else.  And don’t worry, for good taste. I hope this recipe will be delicious to eat, for you.

Ingredient for Chicken stoke

  • 1 kg Chicken ( With bones )
  • 10 cups Water
  • Two Celery Sticks
  • Carrot
  • An onion (Big Size)
  • A Garlic ( Big Size )
  • 1 tbsp Black Pepper.
  • Bay Leaf
  • 1 tsp Salt.

Ingredient for Chicken Noodles Soup:

  • Chicken, From filtered Chicken Stock Recipe.
  • 1 cup Noodles / Pasta.
  • 2 tbsp Butter
  • 1 tbsp Chopped Garlic 
  • 2 tbsp Chopped onion
  • 1 tbsp Celery
  • 1/4 cup Cube chopped Carrot
  • 1/4 cup Small piece chopped, Cowpea 
  • 2 tbsp Onion leaf chopped
  • 1/4 cup Very small piece chopped Cabbage.
  • 4 cups Chicken stock.
  • 1/4 cup Small piece chopped Cauliflower.
  • 1/4 cup Broccoli Chopped, small piece.
  • 1 tsp Tomato Sauce.
  • 1/2 tsp Black Pepper Powder
  • Salt ( as needs, like 1/2 teaspoon )
  1. Making Homemade Chicken Stock.

    for making this soup, first, we need to make chicken stock. it’s very easy. If you can make chicken stock, you can skip this step.

    or you can bring it from the store. chicken stock need almost any kind of soup, so learn it with attention.

    you can use this stock every soup, chines food, and any kind of international recipe. this stock will stay good almost 2-3 month in the normal temperature fridge. and which amount I’ve shown here, you can use this amount for two-three times to making soup.

    you can make use 4-5 cup of water to make less amount of stock. But I think, it better that, make more amount, cause you can store it’s 2-3 month. So guys, let’s start:

  2. Step: Prepare all ingredients.

    take all chicken stock ingredients, ( vegetable and spices). And cut it, medium size, don’t cut it small size. And please take chicken with bone and mid-big size. Cause, it will be more tasteful to eating.

  3. Step: Boiling all ingredient.

    Now, take all ingredients and 10 cups of water in a cooker pot. Boil it, sometimes to leaving cooker-cover with medium heat. After sometime later, boil it’s with low heat, almost 45 minutes. (keep closing cooker-cover)

  4. Step: Filtering Stock.

    After 45 minutes later, you’ll see oil there, on the water. Water will be reduce, and color will be looking like yellow. That’s mean chicken stock complete.

    Now, filter the water very well if there will not stay any ingredient. Save stock water and boiled chicken, for the chicken noodle soup.

    Four cups stock need, and remaining amount stock store in the refrigerator. You should see the video, for practical concept making stock.

    Let’s go the next step:

Let’s start Making Noodle Soup:

  1. Step:1 Preparing ingredient and Cooking start.

    Collect all ingredient and cut it, which size I’ve mentioned into the ingredient part. Or see into the video.

    Take two teaspoon butter in a large cooker over medium heat. Stir it while until melt. Then add here, garlic and onion chopped. And stir for some time.

  2. Step:2 Adds Vegetables.

    Now, you need to add some vegetable, I’ve mentioned that’s you can also add it’s, or you can add your favourite veggie.

    You need to maintain continuity for add vegetable.

    Follow this:

    Add Celery, Carrot, Cowpea  > (stir 1-2 minutes ) > add Onion leaf and Cabbage  >  (stir 3-4 minutes ) >  pour in Chicken stock 4 cups > (stir 0.5-1 minutes )

  3. Step: 3 Adding Chicken.

    Now add Chicken, I have something to say here, for adding chicken.

    I’ve said, chicken stock making the part, that need with-bone chicken need. But when you use chicken from the chicken stock part, you need to use boneless chicken and cut it tiny piece.

    And if you will not use Chicken, from chicken stock part chicken, or if you will use bought stock or previews made stock.

    Then here have a tips:

    Add here, with-bone and big size chicken, and boil it some time, with stock and other vegetables.

    And sometime later, take up chicken from cooker, and shared it or chop it into the bit size pieces. And return these are, into the stove.

    When you follow these tricks, your recipe will have more tasty for sometime frying with-bone chicken with other ingredients. And it’s a good trick, Recommend it many people.

  4. Step: 4 Adding Noodle, other vegetables, and some ingredient.

    Now add noodle, you can add here pasta (as you like ) and stir-boil 1-2 minutes.

    1-2 minutes later add, Cauliflower and Broccoli chopped. I’ve added this vegetable to the end time, cause these vegetables don’t need much time for the boil.

    For more flavour add here, 1 tsp Hot sauce/Tomato sauce, half tsp black pepper powder, and  Salt as needs ( like 1 tsp ).

  5. Step: 5 Boiling until done.

    Now, your soup almost is done. Now Cover with the lid, and boiling into medium heat. And check it 4-5 consecutive. While until done.

    See the video for more practically about this recipe and enjoy it.

    I think now you can make your favourite recipe. if you like this recipe, share it on your favourite social page for your friends, And go here to making pad thai noodles.

Some Missing ingredient which can make more flavorful your soup:

  • You can use here fish sauce for more flavor if you like it. It’s very good to fulfill the tasty noodle soup recipe. If you like it, and if you will skip it. You will see, missing something in your soup, so add it. I’ve skipped it, cause many peoples dislike it with this soup.
  • Adding a bay leaf, I forget to mention adding the bay leaf. At first, later adding garlic and onion and before adding vegetables you can add the bay leaf. (2 dry or raw leaves, raw is better if it’s available).
  • Every season, every vegetable unavailable, So there isn’t any problem. You can add or skip more vegetables, which are unavailable, you dislike or you like.
  • Adding lemon juice. Lemon juice is can make a good flavor for your soup.


Some Special Tips to make perfect chicken noodles soup:

  • Use Homemade chicken stock, I hope it’s better, use homemade chicken stock from bought stock.
  • Use complete chickens good part meat for excellent taste.
  • Don’t add all same vegetable time, for adding vegetables, maintain continuity. You should follow my system. That the way I’ve added plants.
  • Don’t add noodles the first time. add noodle last time. Cause, when you add noodles the first time, they will overcook it.
  • use the different vegetables, different times for making this soup, try an experiment, and say on post comment which vegetable is best tasty near to you.
  • Check very well. As if every vegetable will be fulfilled fry. if any vegetable will not be fulfilled, fry. It’s will not be good to eat. (if you haven’t experience cooking or you have the first-time try cooking, probably you will face in this problem so careful)
  • always stir very well, cause when you will stir very well, all ingredients will mix very well, which a better reason to make any tasty recipe.
  • Try to eat this soup, with light hot. for better taste. If your plan freezing it, when you eat it, try it to reheat for 2-3 minutes.


chicken noodle soup’s health benefits:

there are many health benefits in this soup, cause there used many vegetables which very healthy.

I’ve some significant health benefit in this soup:

  1. Fat problem: I’ve already said that it’s the best food for a fat problem, suffering people. Cause there are low in calories in this soup. But, don’t think that: my weight is meager, this soup isn’t perfect for me. There isn’t any food in the world any which food reduces weight. (I said here about the normal recipe).
  1. Vitamin: 20% vitamin A include in one cup this soup. See here for a nutrition fact.
  2. Remedy cold and flu.
  3. To suppress neutrophils’ movement.
  4. Increasing cilia function

put in the comment box, for our audience, which healthy fact I’ve missed here.

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