Make Crispy Chicken Burger Recipe – Easy 8 Step

Make Crispy Chicken Burger Recipe – Easy 8 Step

If you have zero knowledge in Recipe, you can make a tasty crispy chicken burger recipe at Home. If you follow this post.

HI, guys. What’s up. Today I had shown this Burger Recipe or Fried chicken burger, like KFC style.

The burger is the most popular recipe in the whole world.
You won’t find a person who doesn’t like Burger. I think more than 90 percent, people like Burger.
Also, I’m too. The burger is my first choices in the fast food list.

there are many kinds of burger recipe in the world.
Some of difficult way, some of easy.
This Burger recipe isn’t difficult, You can make this recipe very easy way.
But, I hope this recipe will be very tasty If you properly follow my cooking step.
For more clear I separated this recipe, by Eight steps.
So, guys, let’s start,

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VIDEO: Crispy Chicken Burger [ps2id id=’video’ target=”/]

Let’s Start Crispy Chicken Burger Recipe.

[ps2id id=’need’ target=”/]
every step I said, how much spices needs, so no confusion for spices amount. [ps2id id=’burger’ target=”/]

  • Chicken (Breast piece for thin).
  • Soft Burger bun (For make Burger Bun at Home)
  • Burger Sauce. ( For make Burger Sauce at Home )
  • Healthy oil (For frying).
  • salt, (as need).
  • black pepper.
  • red chili powder.
  • garlic and ginger paste.
  • garlic powder.
  • lemon juice.
  • flour.
  • corn starch or corn flour.
  • Egg.
  • Milk.
  • lettuce leaf. [ps2id id=’step’ target=”/]
  • Tomato.

Step: 1 Preparing meat. [ps2id id=’step1′ target=”/]

Hitting meat by meat tenderizer
Hitting meat by meat tenderizer

Take Breast piece of chicken, and wash it very well.
and remove the water by fresh tissue from meat.
keep the meat piece in a polybag, and hit by Meat hammer or meat tenderizer for thinner, like this image.
or you can do it by a bread Roller.

Step: 2 Chicken Marinades. [ps2id id=’step2′ target=”/]

chicken marinades for burger
chicken marinades for burger

Now, for marinades chicken, we need to mix some spices with chicken:

  • salt. ( 1/2 tsp )
  • black pepper powder. ( 1/4 tsp )
  • red chili powder. ( 1/2 tsp )
  • garlic, ginger paste. ( 1 tsp )
  • lemon juice. ( like 1 tbsp )

mix this spices very well and keep it on a side for 30 minutes. when you will keep it 30 minutes or more, your burger will be very tasty. But, if you have not enough time you can keep it 10-15 minute.

Step:3 Flour Mixing. [ps2id id=’step3′ target=”/]

Flour mixing for burger spices
Flour mixing for burger spices

Which time chicken marinade keeping for rest, Other hand takes a Bowl to make the flour mix.

Take here, some spices:

  • Flour. (1 cup )
  • Corn starch or corn flour. ( 1/4 cup )
  • Salt. ( 1/2 tsp )
  • Red Chili powder. ( 1 tsp )
  • Black Pepper powder. ( 1/2 tsp )
  • Garlic powder. ( 1/2 tsp )

mix these spices very well. And keep it on a side to make other spices.

Step: 4 Egg and Milk mix. [ps2id id=’step4′ target=”/]

Egg and Milk mix for burger spices
Egg and Milk mix for burger spices

Now, Take a bowl again and mix an Egg and Flour tbsp normal temperature milk.
Mix it very well, during some times.

Step:5 Mix all of the spices with Meat. [ps2id id=’step5′ target=”/]

Mix all of the spices with Meat for frying
Mix all of the spices with Meat for frying

30 minute later, first meat mix with flour-spices, then mix milk-egg and mix again with flour-spices very well.
After mixing with flour-spices, remove extra flour from meat.

Step:6 Fry Meat for Burger. [ps2id id=’step6′ target=”/]

Fry Meat for Burger
Fry Meat for Burger

Now take a frying pan, and pour some oil, which amount need for frying.
wait some time for oil high heating.
and fry it 3-4 minute or more in keeping medium heat.
There don’t need extra time frying because we have cut it thin size.

Step:7 Tempering Burger Bun. [ps2id id=’step7′ target=”/]

Tempering Burger Bun
Tempering Burger Bun

Now, Take a dry pan for tempering Burger Bun.
And tempering it by very low heat and during a very low time.
If you will keep it more than the time it will be burn. So, Be careful. [ps2id id=’final’ target=”/]

Final Step: Decorate Burger Bun with spices by Layer.[ps2id id=’step1′ target=”/]

Decorate Burger Bun with spices by Layer
Decorate Burger Bun with spices by Layer

Decorate it’s by many layers. See this layer like a Burger. Or See this Image.

  • Layer 1: Burger Bun.
  • Layer 2: Burger Sauce.
  • Layer 3: 2 pieces lettuce leaf.
  • Layer 4: A Fried Chicken piece.
  • Layer 5: A big Slice tomato piece.
  • Layer 2: Burger Sauce.
  • Layer 1: Burger Bun.

Always, I am presenting any recipe by details data. So, I think you have no confusion here. And You should see the video.

And if you like this recipe you can share this post. your share, my inspiration.

Make Burger Sauce and Burger Bun At Home.

Some Special tips to make a perfect chicken burger :[ps2id id=’tips’ target=”/]

  1.  You should thinner chicken as needed. when you will do good thinner your meat. It will be more tasteful. Because Spices will be mix very well with thinner meat.
  2. you should keep up Chicken Marinades, for 30+ more minutes. with mixing spices.
  3. Always should mix all spices very well.
  4. You should remove extra flour from Marinades before fry.
  5. ( meat) don’t fry extra. And don’t extra stir during frying time. (Be careful if you will stir it very much, it will be broke)
  6. When you will do tempering or baking burger bun. Be careful don’t baking it extra, otherwise, it will burn.

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