Full Size Refrigerator Under $250

Top 5 Full Size Refrigerator Under $250

Are you looking for a best full-size refrigerator under 250 dollar price?

We found more than 100 models refrigerator, that price is under $250 dollars. But, after many days of research, analysis, and discusses, we picked here the top 5 models.

  • Kenmore has the highest storage capacity.
  • Kismile is the overall best quality.
  • Midea has entitled max freezing power.
  • Euhomy has maximum freezer storage, and overall best.
  • Bossin is our good quality and cheapest price model.
  • Although, the main focus is the price, but our main goal is to suggest the best quality model. But, we have also focused on storage capacity, cause size is an important matter here. Our maximum store capacity refrigerators have 124 liters. Though it’s not large size, but it will work as a full size refrigerator. At a glance, see our picks:

    This isn't a normal review, it's the best informative guideline for you. Cause, below, I have put an upright guideline about choosing a perfect refrigerator. So guys don't skip this.

    Coolest 5 collections, Refrigerator under $250 price.


    Top 5 Full Size Refrigerator Under $250 1Kenmore 99083 Compact Refrigerator

    Kenmore 99083 4.4 CFt Refrigerator
    • Storage: 124L
    • Max Cooling: -15ºC
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    Top 5 Full Size Refrigerator Under $250 2Euhomy Compact Fridge with Freezer

    Euhomy Compact Fridge with Freezer

    • Freezer Storage: 28L
    • Max Cooling: -17ºC
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    Top 5 Full Size Refrigerator Under $250 3Midea 3.1 CFt. Compact Refrigerator

    Midea 3.1 Cu. Ft. Compact Refrigerator

    • Storage: 86L
    • Max Cooling: -24ºC
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    Top 5 Full Size Refrigerator Under $250 2Euhomy Compact Fridge with Freezer

    Euhomy Compact Fridge with Freezer

    • Freezer Storage: 28L
    • Max Cooling: -17ºC
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    Top 5 Full Size Refrigerator Under $250 5Bossin 3.2 CU. FT Compact Refrigerator

    Bossin 3 CFt. Compact Refrigerator

    • Storage: 90L.
    • Max Cooling: -18ºC
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    1. Kenmore 99083 4.4 CFt Refrigerator

    Top 5 Full Size Refrigerator Under $250 6Kenmore 99089

    Technical details of Kenmore:

    • Size: 20.91w x 18.9 h x 33.78 d inches.
    • Weight: 55.7 Lbs.​
    • Capacity: 4.4 Cubic Feet / 124 liters.​
    • Color: Black, Mint green, Silver.​
    • Power Source: AC 120v / 10 Amp & 1200w.​
    • Refrigerator Type: Fridge & Freezer.​
    • Temperature: -15ºC Frozen and 0º C normal fridge.

    Kenmore is the highest storage capacity refrigerator​​​​ under $250 dollar prices. 124 liters capacity is great under this price. So, if you are looking for maximum storage capacity, this is our top picks for you. Also, high frozen food store, energy efficient, easy 3 shelves, one drawer storage, etc. more featured included here.

    Key features of Kenmore:

    • 124 liters capacity.
    • 3 Removable wire shelves.
    • And one vegetable store drawer.
    • 7 points of mechanical temperature controller.
    • Deep cooling top freezer storage.

    What’s do we like?

    • Large and maximum capacity from our picks.
    • Removable 4 separate storage.
    • 3 Liters door storage.
    • Energy star certified.
    • High cooling ice-making or frozen storage freezer compartment.

    What’s we don’t like?

    • Single door.
    • Doesn’t exist door handle.
    • Manual deforest.

    2. Kismile Double Door 3.2 CFt Refrigerator.

    Top 5 Full Size Refrigerator Under $250 7Kismile Double Door Compact Refrigerator

    Technical details of Kismile:

    • Size: 19"w x 33.5” h x 20” d inches.
    • Weight: 60 Lbs.​
    • Capacity: 63L Normal & 26.5L Freezer.
    • Color: Black, Silver, White, Red.​
    • Power Source: AC 110v.
    • Refrigerator Type: Fridge & Freezer.​
    • Temperature: -18ºC Freezer & 0º C Fridge.

    Kismile has many excellent features, this is an overall best model for under $250 price. Excellent door handle, revers door, lower sound, etc. more features come with this. 24/7 hours use this refrigerator yearly energy needs to only 358 kWh. That’s the energy cost around $40 to $50. So, that is also the best energy saved fridge.

     It comes with an ice cube tray and an Ice shovel. And this a partial deforest fridge, which means there doesn’t freeze a lot of ice like other cheap price fridges.

    Key features of Kismile:

    • 90 liters or 3.2 Cu Ft total capacity.
    • 26.5 Liters freezer & 63 liters fridge capacity.
    • -16 ºC to -18 ºC Frozen foods store ability.
    • 10 ºC to 0 ºC Normal foods store ability.
    • 7 positions of adjustable temperature controller.
    • Two separate reversible doors.
    • Removable slide glass shelves & a drawer.
    • Below, 40db compressor noise.
    • Internal LED light.
    • Energy coast, like a beverage fridge.

    What’s do we like?

    • Very deep cooling power.
    • Separate & reversible door.
    • Lower sound.
    • Internal light.
    • Excellent two door handle.
    • Only $45 to $50 yearly cost for electricity.
    • Partial automatic deforest.

    What’s we don’t like?

    • Everything is ok. We didn’t find any negative side.

    3. Midea 3.1 CFt Compact Refrigerator.

    Top 5 Full Size Refrigerator Under $250 8Midea 3.1 Cu. Ft. Compact Refrigerator

    Technical details of Midea:

    • Size: 18.5” w x 19.37” H x 32.95” D inches.
    • Weight: 52 Lbs.​
    • Capacity: 61L Normal & 26L Freezer.
    • Color: Black, Stainless Steel, White.​
    • Power Source: AC 120v.
    • Fridge Type: Fridge & Freezer.​
    • Temperature: -24ºC Freezer & 0º C Fridge.

    If you are looking for a maximum cooling capacity freezer fridge, then you can check it. Cause -24ºC is highest deep, when for making ice need only 1ºC temperature. Also, Midea is a trusted brand, and this is the best popular model near the customers. And this model comes with other regular features, these are:

    Key features of Midea:

    • -15 ºC to -24ºC Freezer cooling power.
    • 26 Liters freezer store & 60 liters fridge store capacity.
    • Reversible 2 door.
    • UL energy star certification.
    • Stainless Steel door and body.

    What’s do we like?

    • A popular brand from 1968.
    • Top selling model under this price range.
    • Maximum cooling power among these picks.
    • Easy storage, one drawer & dual door storage.
    • Temperature controller & internal LED light.
    • Energy saver.

    What’s we don’t like?

    • Have no door handle.
    • Manual deforest.

    4. Euhomy 3.2 Cu Ft 2 Door Refrigerator.

    Top 5 Full Size Refrigerator Under $250 9Euhomy full size Fridge with Freezer

    Technical details of Euhomy:

    • Size: 19.4”W x 19.9”H x 33.5”D inches.
    • Weight: 53 Lbs.​
    • Capacity: 63L Normal & 28L Freezer.
    • Color: Black, Silver, White.​
    • Fridge Type: Fridge & Freezer.​
    • Temperature: -17ºC Freezer & 0º C Fridge.

    Best nice looking, maximum freezer capacity & silent, for these 3 special features we like this so much. So, if you want to take maximum freezer storage capacity, you can take this. And here is used max fast cooling technology which is perfect for cooling food within a very short time. And this yearly electric coast is under $40.

    Key features of Euhomy:

    • -17ºC Freezer & 0ºC normal Fridge power.
    • LED light.
    • Dual reversible door.
    • Large drawer for vegetable storage.
    • Best energy saver.
    • Included Ice cube tray & Ice scraper.

    What’s do we like?

    • Ranked 2nd position of Amazon best-selling category.
    • LED, Revers door, and customize storage.
    • Lower energy cost.
    • Compact and nice looking design.
    • Large freezer storage.
    • Fast cooling ability.

    What’s we don’t like?

    • Manual deforest.
    • Haven't any door handle.

    5. Bossin 3.2 CU. FT Compact Refrigerator.

    Top 5 Full Size Refrigerator Under $250 10Bossin 3.2 CFt Compact Refrigerator

    Technical details of Bossin:

    • Size: 20”W x 19”H x 33”D inches.
    • Weight: 44 Lbs.​
    • Capacity: 82L Normal & 8L Freezer.
    • Color: Black, Red.​
    • Temperature: -18ºC Freezer & 0º C Fridge.

    When you want to purchase a large normal fridge storage refrigerator around $200 price, then you can take this one. Two excellent separate doors with a door handle, and different two black and red color available on Amazon. You can get this for highest quality, cooling ability, excellent many features, one year warranty with support as a lower budget fridge.

    This maximum feature is almost the same as other models here. But, we don’t like it so much cause, this freezer storage is very lower, that’s only 8 liters. So, if you want to skip this matter and other sides it is overall very good.

    Key features of Bossin:

    • Dual door & storage.
    • Comes with Ice cube tray & Ice shovel.
    • 2 glass shelves & 1 drawer.
    • Adjustable heat controller.

    What’s do we like?

    • Compact design.
    • 40+ years, a popular brand in the market.
    • Lower price as a good quality.
    • Comes with excellent features.
    • One year warranty with unlimited support.

    What’s we don’t like?

    • Manual deforest.
    • Freezer storage is a little amount.

    What is the best Refrigerator under $250?

    If you have confused to pick a best model for you. So, Here we have put this answer.

    When you choose a perfect refrigerator, you should consider many things. Key consideration things are High capacity, Good quality, Freezer storage, Cooling power, warranty, or support. And the price has mentioned up, though some up-down have here.

    When we chose these 5 products, then we enough judged these things. But some lower and higher features we have highlighted, for your perfectness choose.

    These are:

    Highest storage: Storage capacity is a major subject before purchases a refrigerator. So, we have highlighted here as best is KENMORE 99083.

    Freezing Power: Freezing power is an important demand when your focus is on storing high frozen food. So, MIDEA is highlighted as a maximum cooling power refrigerator.

    Freezer Storage: Freezer storage another important demand when you need to store so many frozen foods. So we have Euhomy as a maximum freezer storage ability.

    Cheap Price: Price is our special subject, which isn't to need to explain. So, Bossin is highlighted here as a best cheapest refrigerator.

    Overall Best: When every side is ok, but not deep higher or lower, that means overall best. We hope its definition does not need to explain more. So, Overall best is Kismile.

    Think about your needs and consider these things and choose the perfect model for you. All the best and stay with us.


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