how to cut french fries

How to cut French fries | best 2 way

French fry is popular and yummy foods now a day. Which is made within a very simple task with potato. But, here is a first and important job is to make French cuts.

If you ask me how to cut French fries?

Shortly answer: Take a potato and peel out it then cuts it by knife French cutting style.

But below I have answered you in detail. I showed how you can easily cut potatoes to make a French fries recipe. And I will introduce you to some crazy vegetable cutter. Which is very helpful in your kitchen. Also, I have put a tasty French fries recipe within a short time

How to cut French fries step by step:

Cutting Potatoes

Cutting Potatoes

In this para, I just told how you will cut this by a knife. Below, I have told you how you can make it with a smart cutter.

  • First, peel out potato with a peeler. But you can use here a knife. But uses a Peeler is the best try for fastly and not out extra parts.
  • Wash and dry with a kitchen paper or towel. Cause, after peeling a potato, stays slippery. Then you can't cut easily and it's risky for hand injuries.
  • Hold on to it lengthwise with the left hand, if you are right-handed, otherwise use the right hand.
  • Carefully cuts and remove both sides a little and make a flat surface.
  • Then slice into 4-5 pieces.
  • Reverse these pieces but hold on as before, like lengthwise, just change side.
  • Hold on to the force and careful all the slices. (Here you can hold a single piece. It's a long time matter if you want to make a lot of French fries. But, you can try a single slice if you try it the first time.)
  • Now, cut very carefully and slowly as if the pieces will long square shapes.
  • Yes, now you have made it. For more clearly see this video.

Make French cuts by Mandoline slicer.

Mandoline Slicer

Mandoline Slicer

A mandoline slicer is a long surface hand uses a smart vegetable cutter. The surface has many shapes of the blade.

When you move a vegetable on the surface, then the vegetables easily cut and into be small pieces. And you can shortly make French style with this slicer. Check below shortly to make French cuts by a Mandoline.

  • Set the French cuts blade and customize how size do you want.
  • Peel the potato and put it to the Slicer handle.
  • And move up and down, fastly the handle and collect slices.

See here many kinds of great Slicer by these Slicers you can easily cut vegetables.

Make French fries in short:

Here I have put a very short step on how you make French fry. You can check here the details French fry recipe. There I have used some special spices for a yummy taste.

  • Take fresh potatoes, wash and peel outs all.
  • Make slicer long square shape, which I showed on above.
  • Mix salt and spices.
  • Fry them enough with oil.
  • Now enjoy it.
Carefully Peel Out

Carefully Peeling

Safety tips, using the Knife or Slicer.

  • When you use a knife, after peeling potato must wash and dry the potatoes.
  • Cut slowly and carefully hold on by hand.
  • See the video very well and master a knife using the technique.
  • Don't touch the cutting blade when you up down Slicer handle.
  • Place strongly and 90-degree angle the Slicer body before cuts.
  • bottom line:

    I hope now you can cut the potatoes to make French fry. Make it and enjoy it with your family. Especially I love it so much. Don't forget a share with friends and stay connected to us for more kitchen tips and tricks.


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