How to make mayonnaise at home within 10min

How to make Mayonnaise at home

Hey, what’s up.Mayonnaise is a very simple recipe. Are you looking a perfect homemade mayonnaise recipe?

Today I’m gonna show, how to make mayonnaise at home. if you follow my every step and video very carefully, I hope you can make a perfect Mayonnaise.

Normally it used in sandwiches and composed salads, on chips or other fast food recipes.If you want to make burger sauce you need Mayonnaise.

A few days ago I published a post, that how to make a tasty burger sauce. SO I thought I need publish a post for Mayonnaise recipe. there is much different Mayonnaise making systems in the world.

Which system peoples used and which is popular, I have followed that system. So don’t worry, for tasty Mayonnaise. you can follow this system.and there is no need to use cooking.I showed step by step As if, you can understand this recipe.

  • Two eggs ( normal temperature ).
  • Oil ( 200 ml regular cooking oil).
  • 1/4 tsp Salt.
  • 1/4 tsp Black pepper powder.
  • 1 tsp White vinegar
  • 1 tsp Lemon Juice.
  • mustard powder ( if this flavor you like, it doesn’t need to must)
  1. Step: Whisking egg yolk.

    split two eggs in a small bowl and separate the egg white part from egg yolk.we need the egg yolk part. don’t waste white part, You can fry this white part white other egg.

    take yolk part in a medium bowl, and whisk it very well, almost 1 minute.You can use here mustard powder if this flavor you like. I like mustard flavor, but I forgot to mention mustard powder in the video.

  2. Step: Whisking egg yolk with oil.

    Take 200 ml of regular oil. Carefully pour very slowly in the bowl for mix with egg yolk by the left hand, if you’re right-handed. if you are Left-handed, you need to pour oil by right hand.when you pour oil by a hand, you need to use whisk very well and quickly by opposite hand.It needs to be done almost for 5 minutes.If you will whisking slowly or pour oil very quickly, your mayonnaise will not soft and creamy. So, be careful.

    If you use here blender when you will pour oil, that’s great.

    whatever, after this step your mayonnaise almost Done. Now you need to mix some spices.

  3. Step: Mix some spices for making final step mayonnaise. 

    Mix here some spices, amount I had mentioned before.

    Salt (Marine Iodine salt is best)

    Black pepper.

    White vinegar.

    Lemon juice.

    Lemon and vinegar will change color and make the white color, your mayonnaise.

    Mix all these spices very well again almost 1 minute.

    Now our mayonnaise is ready.

    how to make mayonnaise, have you any confusion?

    I hope, Now you don’t have any confusion make mayonnaise. But, to see practically.

    I think you should see this video.

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Some special tips, about this recipe.

Tips 1: when you pour and whisking egg yolk, you need quick movement your hand. So, there needs much more energy, because by the other hand you need to pour oil carefully.

So, I think you should need other help to pour or whiskey.
If, you do it by blender, oh cool, there no need for other help.

Tips 2: you can store this mayonnaise for 2 weeks by normal temperature fridge.
But, You should store a dry pot. and be careful, need a dry spoon which spoons you will use for mayonnaise.
and I think, you should not make it much. Because you can’t save it for a long time.

Tips 3: when you will whisking egg yolk with oil.
You already know, you should pour very slowly.
For carefully pour you can use a very small Jet pipe.

Tips 4: always use good quality, egg, lemon, oil to make a soft and creamy high-performance mayonnaise.

Some questions and answers which people want to know?

I have made mayonnaise but it not perfect creamy?

Ans: Your oil poured and mixing was not perfect.

My mayonnaise is very Thick?

Ans: If your mayonnaise will be very thick. You can add a little amount of water, after mixing oil when you will add spices.

But, if already make it. you can add now.
But, I think it bad practice.
Without water make mayonnaise is best practice, for storing more time.

My mayonnaise isn’t Thick?

Ans: already If you have faced this problem. you can make another egg yolk mixture by oil very well.
when you will make it you need to stir very quickly to make thicker.
and add it to your previous mayonnaise.

thanks for reading this article very carefully.
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mayonnaise is healthy food for you, So, Don’t worry about this recipe.

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