How to use a Mandoline slicer | Best tips & tricks

Hi guys in this post, I’m gonna showing how to use a mandoline slicer.

If you are new in the kitchen or don’t expert to uses the knife. If you are new in the kitchen or don’t very expert to uses the knife. Or If you want to save many times for cutting vegetables. Then, the Mandoline slicer is a great small kitchen tool instead of a knife.

Why great?

Well, cutting is an important job before cooking or serve. When you use it by a knife, it’s a risky and long time matter. When you use a Mandoline slicer, it will very smooth and short time.

But why Mandoline slicer, not normal slicer?

A normal slicer just used to peel out, or normal thin slices cutting. It’s not for different types of cuts. But, uses a Mandoline slicer, you can easily make any style piece. Like, julienne, slice, French, waffles, crinkle, etc styles cuts. And you can cut these styles fastly and risky, though if you are a beginner in the kitchen.

So, below I said how you can use it the best way. And post footer I have put some tips about safety tips. That is very important to know if you want to safely use it.

Mandoline slicer using guideline and tips

A Mandoline slicer has many parts, plane surface, body, and guard. The plane’s surface stays on the body and the body stay under the surface. The body parts have a removable blate fit section, there you can easily remove and add a different type of blade for original cuts. Or advanced versions have installed multiple cutter blade with the same place, just need to rotate for changing the blade. The blade sections have a dialer, it’s movable to making different size thick.

Some Mandoline slicer hasn’t Slice guard. But we recommend Slice guard from us. This cause I have told the safety part.

The Slicer guard has many pins that can easily hold on to the vegetables for cutting. When you want to cut a style, put the vegetable on the slicer guard, and up-down it by hand force on the surface. By changing the blade and the moving dialer, you can slice any style.

How to use a mandoline slicer to julienne?


Julienne Cut

A few days ago I showed in a post about julienne cuts. That post I showed by a common knife. But, when you want to make this slice a more perfect and nice-looking design for serving. Uses mandoline slicer is best option. Below, I have said step by step how you can make perfect julienne style.

  • Set up julienne blade.
  • Dial down slicer blade into 1/4 inches.
  • For julienne cuts take celery, broccoli, florets, or a carrot or like anything these vegetables.
  • Put carrot into slicer guard.
  • Place the guard on the slicer body.
  • Up and downs the slicer guard with force.
  • Then you will find beautiful julienne cut carrots under the slicer.

How to use a mandoline slicer to make french fries?

mandoline slicer to make french fries

French Fries

To make French fry first, the important stuff is cutting the potato in a French style. When you make French slice uses by knife its very timetable and risky for you. So, you can easily make French cut potatoes by this slicer.

  • Peel out the potato by the slicer.
  • Setup interchangeable matchstick blade into 1/2 inches.
  • Put potato slice on the slicer guard.
  • Place the guard on the slicer body and move by hand, force up and down, and cut theses the French style.
  • Collect the pieces and mix salt and other spices into a bowl.
  • Finally, fry with oil until it looks crispy enough and enjoys.

Crinkle-Cut Using the Mandoline.


Crinkle Cut

Here I am showing by potato Crinkle-Cut. Although, you can use any vegetables to cut crinkle style. Especially when you want to make potato chips, you need to this cutting.

  • Set the blade into 1/4 inches.
  • Peel out the potato.
  • Place the potato on the slicer guard longly.
  • Carefully cut the potato.
  • And collect crinkle style cut potato slice.

Mandoline slicer safety.


Slicer Safety

This slicer blade is very sharp, so if you are a new user this you should obey these safety roles which I shared below.

  • Must purchase a best Mandoline slicer which comes with a slice guard. Cause Slice guard will highly save your finger from blade touch.
  • Don’t touch on the blade cutter the slicing time.
  • Carefully up-downs the slicer guard as if never touch with a blade.
  • Fit the blade strongly.
  • Before place the cutting table, the slicer stands must fold up to 90 degrees.
  • Keep it too far from children.

Bottom Line:

A mandoline slicer is the best vegetable cutter instead of a knife. And it’s a smart gadget which will save you time and give you excellent shape cutting experience. If you have read this you have understood about mandoline slicer and how you do you use it. Stay connected with us to give more kitchen tips and tricks.

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