is drinking raw eggs good for you

Is drinking raw eggs good for you? Explains of the answer

Hi guys, We will discuss the answer to that, is drinking raw eggs good for you or bad?

Nutrition is one of the essential elements of human lives. We cannot survive without nutritious food. But is it easy to eat nutritious foods regularly? Of course, yes, and you can do it within a very low daily budget.

An egg is one of the most valued foods in the world. Because of its nutritious properties and available worldwide, it has become the most popular food. It is the cheapest source of nutrition; therefore, it has accepted by people of all ages. There are many ways you can eat eggs. We can make egg poaches by using egg poachers. There are other ways, such as boiling and frying, which are popular methods. Eating a raw egg is also a popular method of consuming eggs. But it is not as healthy as other methods of consumption. 

Discussed below, raw eggs good for you or bad?

Raw Eggs

Raw Eggs

Lack of well-absorbed protein:

As we all already know that egg is a very important source of protein, we should always try to reap the most benefit of it. A well-cooked egg contains nine types of amino acids that are most important for our bodies. These are the most important ones that our bodies mostly need. But the eggs should be cooked in the right ways that allow our body to absorb the most protein. One study showed that, for a boiled egg, the body could absorb 90% protein, but it is only 50% for a raw egg. This is why boiled eggs are more beneficial than raw eggs.

Raw Eggs May Block Biotin Absorption:

Biotin is one of the most important Vitamin-B, popularly known as B7. Our body needs it to produce glucose and fatty acid. One study showed that an element named Avidin in egg white makes a barrier to work vitamin B actively and prevent absorption. The same study stated that the heat could destroy the Avidin; therefore, helps the B7 to work properly in the body and produce glucose and fatty acid.

Raw eggs can contain bacteria:

Inside the egg and eggshell contain salmonella, bacteria that causes food poisoning. This food poisoning can take many forms, such as diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, and fever. A study found that a raw egg can contain more salmonella that partially cooked eggs. However, a well-cooked egg can help you to get rid of these bacteria.

How do you minimize or these harmful ways of consuming eggs and get the most health benefit?

First of all, we should avoid eating raw eggs. Also, there are many healthy ways you can cook eggs.  The most popular three methods are poaching frying and boiling eggs.

Poached Eggs:

This is the most popular way of cooking eggs. You can poach an egg within a very short period. Many types of mediums can use to an egg poach, including oil, water, or merely non-sticky pans.

Boiled Eggs:

These are the second most popular way of cooking eggs. Put the eggs in water and simmer it for six to ten minutes to make hard-boiled eggs. A boiled egg has a high nutritious benefit.

Egg Fry:

Egg fry is also a popular method of preparing eggs. You can add different types of masala to it to add flavor and make it more delicious.

Some tips to follow: 

  • From the supermarket, purchase pasteurized eggs.
  • Buy fresh eggs that are stored in refrigerators.
  • Check the expiry date of the eggs and don’t buy the eggs that have expired.
  • Never cook any eggs that had a crack on it.
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