Soft Burger Bun Recipe – Step by Step

Soft burger bun recipe

Soft burger bun like every guys , to make the burger.Because Soft Bun very tasty to eat with Burger-spices. If Burger-Bun is tough to eat, or if you can’t make it soft and tasty. Your burger tasty will be not well. So, at first, you need a tasty soft bun.

If, you follow properly my every cooking step. I hope you can make a soft tasty bun.

Yesterday, I published a post that, how you will make crispy chicken burger if you have zero knowledge in the recipe. ( for beginner or expert level )

A long year ago, Japanese people were made this cooking system.So, Guys no more talk, let’s start Recipe.I’m showing this soft burger bun recipe by 8 steps, As if, you can make it very easily.

  • Flour.
  • Water.
  • Yeast.
  • Sugar.
  • Powder Milk.
  • Liquid Milk.
  • Salt.
  • Butter.
  • Oil (very low amount)
  • White Sesame.
  1. Step: Making Flour Mixture.

    First, we need to make a flour mixture. Take 1.5 tbsp flour and a half cup of an amount of water in a pan.Mix it very well, as if there will not stay any flour nugget. And fry it medium by temperature, when you will do fry it, then always need to stir up.

    Sometime later you will see, mixture looking like gum. Then turn off frying, save it in a cold pot, and cover it by paper. If you will not cover it, sometime later you will find there a hard layer. So, must cover it. Keep it, and now need to make other spices. Keep it, and now need to make other spices.

  2. Step: Yeast Mixture

    Now take two third-cup light hot water in a pot. 1 tsp sugar, and 2 tsp yeast mix with water. Yeast does help, to swelling the bread. Mix it’s very well during some time, and keeping it on a side for 10 minutes.

  3. Step: Making Flour Mixture for Bun Bread.

    Now, take 2 cup flour in a mixing bowl.

    And Mix some amount of spices:

    sugar. (2 tsp)

    Powdered milk. (1.5 tbsp)

    salt. (half tsp or as needs)

    Butter / oil / Ghee. (2 tbsp Normal temperature)

    Mix it very well. It will be looking like wet Sand or Suji. Mix yeast mixture water. ( After 10 minutes rest ) And mix flour-mixture.

    After mixing everything, it will feel sticky but never mix here extra flour. This sticky mixture will be very soft.Cover this mixture by a paper, and rest It For 1 Hour at light temperature place. Like Near stove or oven.

  4. Step: Molding and Make Burger shape.

    After 1 hour later, you will see the mixture Expand 1.5x/2x. Press on the mixture, to remove extra wind. it sticky yet. for handling mold, take 3-4 tbsp flour on a big surface.and molding it 5-6 minute for softer. But, Don’t mix extra flour here, mind it 3 or 4 tablespoons.

    Now, cut it 4 or 5 of the part.Make it burger shape like these images.

  5. Step: Preparing for Raw Burger Bun.

    Take a pan, and brush oil on the pan. Cover it by kitchen paper or Wet cloth. and rest it for 1 hour at a normal temperature place.

  6. Step: Preparing for Baking.

    After 1 hour later you will see, Raw Burger Bun will expand again 2x / 2.5x. Then brush normal temperature liquid milk on the raw Burger. You can use an egg here. It will be doing more colorful surface after frying raw Burger.and paste some White Sesame on the burger surface, to look good.

  7. Step: Frying/Baking Burger.

    You can bake it on the oven at 200-degree Celsius or 400-degree Fahrenheit during 15-16 minutes.or if you don’t have an oven.

    Stand a stand on the Pan for baking.  And Heating for 10 minutes before baking burger. Now baking for 16-17 minutes.

  8. Step: Cooling After Baking.

    After baking, when it will stay warm, Brush some butter on the surface for glitter and nice flavor. ( You can give up this step )

    After brushing Cover it by kitchen paper or Wet cloth.and Wait almost 10 minutes for cooling. ( It will be doing more soft.)

    Now cut off from the middle and you can serve by Burger spices. Or you can save it 4-5 day at normal temperature.

    I hope you have understood all the steps. But, You should see this video to see everything practically.

    Now, you need to make Burger spices, for crispy chicken burger go here.And don’t forget for a social share. Your share my inspiration.For connecting our Social Networks.

Note: When you bake by oven it will see very colorful, But the taste is the same too baking by pan or another way. There is no problem.

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