ninja 700 watt personal blender reviews

Ninja 700 Watt Personal Blender Reviews [ Top 2nd Ranked ]

​Are you looking "Ninja 700 watt personal blender reviews"?
In this post, my target tells everything about ninja 700-watt blender. Which specification you need to know before buy.

Below, I showed everything, the full summary of this product, accessories part, importantly, which need must, to solve your real-life problem. So you can choose ideally, this model is best or not useful for you.

First, I want to say here, this blender is a mini blender for personal use. It's not for commercial use.
But it will work like the ninja style. Whatever, if you want to use it at home for personally. This blender is perfect for you.

why perfect?
OK, let's read the full post or see the video for this answer.

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Ninja 700 Watt Personal Blender Reviews [ Top 2nd Ranked ] 1Ninja Blender

Amazon best selling 1st ranking mini personal blender. Best performance for using personal purpose, or for at home or traveling.

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Product dimension

Product dimension specification:

  • Brand :-   Ninja.
  • Product dimensions :-    23.8  x  14.9  x  34.8 CM
  • Product Weight: -  2.1 kg
  • ​Shipping Time Weight:-   2.3 kg
  • ​Material Type: -  Plastic
  • ​Color: - Black
  • ​Number of Customer Reviews:-  700 +
  • ​This Product first listed the date on Amazon: - on May 11, 2016.
  • Amazon best sellers Rank:-  1st position amazon best personal blender seller category. and 64 Number of position in top hundred "Amazon Best Kitchen & Dining Product seller" (It's amazing)

Product Feature :

Product opportunity
  • ​700-Watt power Motor base, with pulse technology. (Pulse technology is an Advanced technology, an engineering company, or an Engineering Team. For more development product quality, they are helping to Product Design, Testing, Manufacturing, and Assembling with the best quality for other companies. )
  • For Ninja style blending, it can extraction all hidden nutrition from the whole fruits.
  • Freeze blending - you can blend ice with fruit for making cold juice.
  • Two sixteen-oz Nutri Ninja cups.
  • Two Seal cover, and 30-recipes inspiration guides.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • ​Recipe Cookbook

Product Best Opportunity:

best feature
  • A famous and popular brand in Amazon customer.
  • Best performance and customer satisfied Mini Personal Blender at the Lower price.
  • ​Nutri Ninja blade.
  • ​50 recipe cookbook.
  • ​Different blender is available to this company. As you need.
  • ​16-ounce drink Cups and spout Lid available with this product and price.
  • ​The Blender container will changeable if it will break or damage on the future.
  • ​You can buy the same quality container if it will break or damage.
  • A Nice user guideline ebook for easy maintenance and use safely.
  • ​1-year warranty available.


  • 1st Position best selling Amazon personal mini Blender.
  • Every part available, if any part will damage in the future. You don't need to buy a new blender, cause you can replace every part.
  • ​Easy and safely useable.
  • ​Super Power and quickly blending.
  • Easy blending with ice to make cold juice.
  • ​Extraction of all hidden nutrition from the whole fruits.
  • ​Super-Bendable any kind of kitchen Ingredient.
  • ​Best performance ( From user data )
  • ​Easy clean after use.
  • ​Fast and easy to assemble, useable, storable all part of this blender.
  • ​Comfortable carry able for traveling time.
  • ​Smoothies Blending.
  • ​The thicker and more durable plastic material used this blender, many users said it's very lasting.


  •  Many users think this blender isn't perfect for very hot liquid.
  • Not for professional use.

Ninja 700-watt blender ​Accessories Reviews:-​

Two excellent container cups:


This container made by thicker plastic which bests for more lasting. You can blend easily into any frozen liquid or ice crush.

There have 2 lids with containers. You can use this container for drinking juice, with blending.

You can store one container until disabling/damage other containers.

It's very well for the more and more lasting. I think this is an excellent opportunity for this product.

700 Watt Ninja Blender blade :

  • Excellent sharp and manufacturing blade.
  • This blade model is available if it damages the future.
  • ​Easy to use, setting, removing, cleaning and storing.

Blade  Feature:

  • ​Dimensions:  9.7 x 9.4 x 9.4 CM
  • ​Weight : 0.3 Pound
  • Product For:  Replacement parts  for 700-Watt Ninja QB3000SS and Ninja 2 in 1 QB3000 QB3004 QB3005 Blender.

Ninja 700-watt Motor Base Replacement part :

ninja motore base

This 700-watt blender motor base and the motor is very powerful and excellent working. (From user data )

But any product not perpetual. If it gets destroyed, the future for misuse. Or any cause. You can replace again this exact same powerful motor base.

About some FAQ about this Product:

Product FAQ

Is this blender is loud ?

  • Answer:  Normally, it's not louder. It's normally louder, like other blenders. this loud depends on blending speed and material.When you will use it for smoothing ice, it will be louder.I think it's not majoring issue.

Can this blender chopping very good?

  • Answer: Yeah, it's working extremely well. The ninja blender can handle smoothies very well. see here customer report. maximum guys are satisfied with using this blender.

After purchase If this product, if I don't like it. Can I return it?

  • Answer: Yes, It's can possible.

Can I take it with travel time? How portable this for traveling?

  • Answer: Yes, it's very comfortable for traveling. Cause, motor base, container cup is removable for portable storage. But for traveling, make sure to take up-down transformer and plug for traveling different countries.

Can I use it without an electric plug? or is it rechargeable?

  • Answer: Not there hasn't any battery.   "Normally the blender needs high voltage electricity. For use, rechargeable blender needs high power battery and other electric devices.      It's not for portable and convenient. So maximum, even every blender isn't rechargeable."

Which voltage is perfect for use this blender?

  • Answer: This blender is designed for  120 volts. It's perfect using volt.Careful: Don't use high volt like 220 volts. With this, volt probably will not work well.

Can I use this blender for blending meat?

  • Answer: This blender is designed for fruit and vegetables. But many users seem, it's perfect for blending meat or related something.

Is this perfect for blending kitchen recipe spices?

  • Answer: Of course, it's perfect. But after use for others, something washes it very well. ( it's your personal matter )
For more questions put the comment on the comment box. Or check here community

Final touch, Before buy this ninja 700 watt blender.

Every product has some minor fault near the user. But we should analyze every side and maximum user average data and opportunity.
I have analyzed, personally, and many users of information. I compared with other personal blenders with ninja blender.
If you decide you want to buy this blender. I think It's a better decision.
Or If you have any confusion, see every data again. And make your decision.

all the best.
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