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Are you looking Best of all mini personal blender?

Nowday, there is no alternative without Popbabies, in the market. For super facilities,(personal purpose), easy usability, Rechargeable USB system, portability, best useful for traveling time, Popbabies is most popular and most selling blender in this year. Hi guys, in this post, I’m gonna showing Popbabies blender reviews. I will explain about these blenders:

Dimensions, Every Feature, all Accessories part, Pros, Cons, Compared with other brands, Questions answer​.

Below, I have explained. Why you should buy this blender?

And I have shared some special tips & care, to keep long-lasting this blender. ​Also, I showed below, How you will use this blender, for best performance and best smoothies. (step by step).

Popbabies Blender Reviews, Step by Step

Our overall rating : 4.5 / 5











Safe Use


#Top RatedPobbabies usb blender

PopBabies Portable Blender

​Most popular blender for personal purpose use.With free ice-cube Tray and Funnel.

​Products Dimension & Information:

  • ​Manufacturer : PopBabies.
  • Free Gift with this Product: Ice cube tray and a funnel.
  • Dimensions: 8.2 x 8.2 x 25.9 CM.
  • Weight: 1.3 lbs (#Most-Lite )
  • Shipping time Weight: 1.7 Lbs.
  • Power Source: Two Lithium-ion Battery USB 5 Volt.
  • Battery Power: 4000mAh.
  • Max Motor Power: 175 Watt. (Enough for as a mini blender )
  • Motor Type: DC 7.4 Volt, 22000 RPM (Revolutions per minute).
  • Blade Material type: 304 SS (Stainless Steel), Four Slice blade.
  • Best Seller Ranked: Five Number of position Amazon Mini blender seller brand. (this rank depend on, How many are sold this product)
  • This Product 1st listed on Amazon: November 13, 2017.
  • Number of Customer Reviews with verified purchases:  Almost 1200 + 
  •  ( That means here, amazing selling rate within only 2 years. Most popular and 5 number position grab in a very short time. This is the main comparison point with other brands for popularity)

PopBabies blender Best Opportunities.

PopBabies Opportunities

PopBabies Opportunities

​Best Portable Travel Blender:

This 3.2 x 3.2 x 10.2 inches and 1.3 pounds weight is very comfortable, to taking with move everywhere. you can take in with your personal bag anywhere (School, college, office, Road trip, or Travel time). ​It look like a simple water/juice drink bottle.

This Blender has not the limitation or any other Power/ Plug requirement for traveling to different countries. So,  PopBabies is great personal Gear for Travel lover. Also for students, persons who live in an apartment, Exercise or Yoga fans, camper, hunter & Fishing lover, etc.

Rechargeable USB Blender Don’t need AC Electricity:

Rechargeable system is great for taking everywhere and alternative from electric Power. Its wireless system is most useful for personal purpose.

Charge it at night or your free time, and use it every time without electricity. ​Its powerful battery and 175 watt DC motor is enough for smoothies your juice. this gadget looks like very mini, but most powerful for personal blender.

High-Quality Manufacturing and Classic Design:

PopBabies was designed by US Artists. and This blender was manufactured from a 30-year manufacturing experiences company. There focused high quality and portability. and for their Support and service, they have achieved popularity in a very short time. So, you can trust PopBabies brand.

Most Popular Brand a short time:

This product listed on Amazon Almost 2 year ago But, this Customer Report, Review and selling rate is Amazing.

Now, This Brand has achieved Top 5 number position on [ Amazon Personal / Mini Blender, Best Seller ranking ]

 This Blender has 1200 plus customer review on  Amazon. Cause, their Service & Support is great.

Pros & Cons

Why we like this product.

  • ​Most Portable Size and light-weight.
  • ​Most Portable Size and light-weight.
  • ​Easy to Use.
  • ​Most perfect for Single purpose and traveling time.
  • ​USB system, use facility everywhere, anytime without Electricity.
  • ​Haven’t any Voltage limitation, Don’t need an extra plug for the different state.
  • ​Design by US artist.
  • ​Manufactured by the 30-year experience factory.
  • ​Most Popular Blender.
  • ​175 Watt Power ( As a mini & USB Blender)
  • ​Better quality than other Mini Blender.
  • ​Quick warranty support.


  • ​Can’t use hot liquid, more than to 50 degrees.
  • ​Can’t use Big Size Ice cube and Big size fruits.


this a mini blender so it’s a simple matter that, it’s not for hot liquid.

And when you will use here ice, you need to use a small size. If happen, big size ice-cube, you can break before use. or make small size ice cube by the tray.

and cut the Fruits, and make small size.

Below, I’ve shared short tips and tutorial. How you will use and keep safe this for long-last.

​Review PopBabies ​Accessories Parts.

PopBabies Bottle With Blender Blade :

Blender Bottle With Blade

Blender Bottle With Blade

This blender bottle like a Drink bottle. Don’t need

extra drinking/juice bottle here. But when you will use it multi-purpose or For a small family or team, probably you will need an extra bottle. For Drinking Juice.

You can use one bottle personally and another bottle for other persons.

PopBabies 16 oz extra bottle with Blade, available in Amazon.

Bottle Feature & Dimensions:

  • ​Dimensions : 8.3 x 3.5 x 3.5 inche.
  • Bottle Weight: 0.45 Pound.
  • Manufacturer: Supportiback (A great manufacture company)
  • Material Type: BPA Free Plastic and FDA, CE & RoHS Approved Product. (Very safe for Babys)
  • Usability: Easy use, clean, placement, removable.
  • Scale: You Don’t need other scales for measure juice or ingredient. Measure scale included with bottle body.

PopBabies Wide Mouth Silicon Funnel :

PopBabies Funnel

PopBabies Funnel

This funnel is free with the blender. when you will pour Powder Milk or other ingredients. This Funnel will help from spread out ingredients. Cause, bottle mouth’s diameter is small like a drinking bottle.

So this funnel is very helpfully. This Funnel is available to buy without Blender.

Funnel Feature and Dimensions:

  • Dimensions: 1 x 1 x 0.2 inches
  • ​Weight : 0.05 pound.
  • Material Type: BPA free safe plastic.
  • Usability: Very flexible/foldable, Easy to store and Easy to clean.

PopBabies Ice Cube Tray.

PopBabies Ice Cube Tray

PopBabies Ice Cube Tray

This ice cube tray free with this Blender. this cube made by BPA free plastic and 100% safe for babies. Very flexible and mini size, most comfortable for traveling.

You can buy this tray an extra one from Amazon. this cube price and quality are better from the other tray.

when you will make cold juice, you need frozen ice. This ice cube tray will help you perfect frozen ice. Cause this a mini blender, you can’t use the here big size of ice piece.

Bottle wash Brush.

Bottle wash Brush

Bottle wash Brush

You can buy this brush for perfect cleaning your blender bottle. this brush will help perfectly clean your bottle.

​L-Shape design will help clean every corner. you can use it also for other bottle and crisis corner, where you can’t clean easily.

Tips & Tutorial:

  • ​Don’t use big size ice-cube, more than 50-degree liquid (Remind )
  • ​Use PopBabies free ice Cube Tray for making Small Size ice-cube.
  • ​Supermarkets Frozen Fruits is Big size. So, cut it into 1.5 inches.
  •  Cut and Make sure your ingredient within 1.5-inch Size.
  • ​Add fist here enough water or liquid ingredient. you can use here milk.
  • ​Throw all ingredient with PopBabies free funnel into the Bottle.
  • ​Don’t blend full bottle ingredient. Keep up here 2:3 ratio. Keep 30% empty.
  •  Reverse/Shake first the blender before on the switch. then switch on and shake with blending time.
  • ​For clean, add water and switch on with shake. then leave the water from the blender. (very easy to clean)
  • ​Now Enjoy With PopBabies blender.

Some Probably Question and Answer about this Mini Blender.

How loud is this blender?

  • Answer: This isn’t too loud, this blender loud like an electric pencil sharpener.

Is this container 14 oz or 17 oz?

  • Answer: this container is 17 oz, you can use 14 oz ingredient for making juice.

Is this a unique blender?

  • Answer: Yes this is a unique, frankly this a unique and most popular brand on Amazon (Design, portability, and as a mini USB blender).

Can I purchase, the only bottle , cup, funnel or ice cube?

  • Answer: Yes, you can. from this brand.

How many time need to charge it?

  • Answer: need 3-5 hour for a full charge.

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