Quick homemade egg noodle recipe within 20m

Homemade egg noodle recipe

many people like homemade noodle. they wanna make noodle at home. I think you too.and I’ve published many noodle recipe, so I thought, I need to publish a homemade noodle recipe.So, today I’m gonna show, homemade egg noodle recipe.

what’s up, guys?Do you like homemade egg noodle?Don’t worry this is a very simple and quick recipe. and I’ve shown step by step. If you follow very carefully every step, I hope you can make a perfect homemade noodle.So, be carefully see every step and video.

and there isn’t need many ingredients and a long time.there used an only 2-3 ingredient, and you can make it within 20 minutes.Use the quick post menu for fast see this post.So, guys, let’s start:

  • 3 Eggs
  • Flour (as needs, like 1 cup / more or less ).
  • 0.5 tsp Salt 
  • 0.5 tsp Oil
  1. Step:Whisking egg and flour, for making a dough.

    Take 2/3 eggs in a bowl. Whisking it very well and add here some flour. Note: Don’t add flour same time. Cause, how many amounts of flour needs, it depends on eggs amount.After adding flour whisking it by a fork. If you think, this combined not able for dough

    add more flour for making dough. don’t add extra and don’t add less amount, as if, there isn’t feel sticky. ( I think you need 1 cup 2 tbsp flour, but it’s not the completely correct amount, just it’s just my idea. Please use here, from your experiment.

  2. Step:2 Rest, flour and egg combined dough.

    Now Make the dough by hand, when you will make it, if you feel it like gum behavior with your hand, use here a little bit flour.make it like a circle ball.And cover it, and rest for 5-10 minutes by a kitchen paper or tissue paper.After 5-10 later it will be softer. now it’s perfect for making noodle.chafing again the dough, for 1-2 minute.

  3. Step: Making Bread.

    Sprinkle some flour on the bread-rolling pan surface.Now sprinkle some flour on the flour-egg dough. and split it in the middle.and make 2 piece ball, and rolling it for making like a bread thicker.

    Note: If you don’t understand step4 and step5 please see the video.

  4. Step: Slice, fold up bread.

    Sprinkle some flour, on the both of bread. ( when you will sprinkle flour on the bread both part, after rolling > after cutting for noodle, it can move the very easy way. if you don’t understand it, please see the video for clear concept )Now, fold up/roll the bread piece. and slice it by a knife.see the image.

  5. Step: open fold-up slice.

    After slice, open fold-up, every small bit of slice part. Now it will show like the noodle. and sprinkle her again some flour.See the images or video.

  6. Step: Boiling Noodle.

    Take a Cooker on the stove, pour here 2-3 cup of water. and add half tsp of salt and oil. Heat the water some time, until bubbling. Then add here noodle and boil it almost 8 minutes. 8 minutes boil later, filter the water from noodle.

    Now you can use this egg noodle for your favorite noodle recipe. like chicken noodle soup or other.

    or you can store it in the fridge.If you like this recipe please share it on your social wall, for your friends.

Must See Some Special tips for making this recipe.

  • Don’t use extra flour with egg, if you will use extra flour. Noodles will not be softer. And if you will use a less amount of flour, you can’t make perfect, it will be extra softer, and you can’t split it perfectly. And you will face another problem. So here needs careful and exact amount adds flour.
  • When you will roll for making bread, don’t keep here extra thicker.
  • Don’t forget/skip, where I said to sprinkle-flour. Cause, if your bread/dough feels like sticky. your noodle can’t be perfect. So careful this part.
  • Noodle, don’t extra boil, with boiling water.
  • If you want to freeze it. After filter waits some time for dry.

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thank you so much for seeing this full post.

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