What is Julienne Cut? Practically See Example 7 Vegetables

What is Julienne Cut? Practically See Example 7 Vegetables

What is Julienne cut or french cut? Are you want to learn it very easily?

this is a simple French style cut, for vegetable and meat.
Like the small size square stick or matchstick.

Is it very easy?

yes, you can cut this style, very easily. For decorating, serving or cooking recipe, this cut is needed very much for our daily life. And I said before, in my published recipes, about this cut.

I thought I should publish a post about this cut.
So, Today I am gonna show example 7 vegetables . (Celery, cabbage, carrots, ginger, onion, tomato, potato)

If you see, very carefully this 7 vegetables cutting. I hope, you can cut anything like julienne style. and you can cut very easily and fast after seeing every step and practically video.

So, Guys let’s start, see example this cutting.

Julienne cut Example Here by 7 vegetables

1. Julienne carrot:

  • For the carrot, first, need to be peeled before cutting. you can use exclusive peel cutter for easy peeling.
  • Remove scrap both side. and cut it into a rectangle
  • Cut it into 2-3 inch or 4-5cm long. or slice it on the middle.
  • Cut it into thinner size on the lengthwise.
  • Decorate it, by thinner slice layer. and cut it again thinner size, the opposite side from before.
  • See the video, please.

2. Potato julienne :

  • it’s almost the same to like the carrot.
  • Peeled potato, all side.
  • Cut off four sides for making a rectangular shape.
  • the scrap piece can be used for soup and salads. or you can cut it too like julienne style.
  • whatever, after getting a rectangular size, cut it thin slices.
  • place the slice on top of each other. and cut it again into like a small stick.
  • it’s done, see the video for more practical knowledge.

3. Julienne Onion :

  • Cut the onion top and tail portions part.
  • Remove peels from the onion.
  • Split the peeled onion on the middle.
  • Slice thinner size, on the lengthwise.
  • see video.

4. Julienne Tomato :

  • First, remove the tomato sepal part.
  • split the tomato into four-part.
  • remove the seeds from the split part. keep only juice sac part.
  • and slice it julienne style.

5. Julienne ginger :

  • peeled ginger from skin part.
  • slice it very thinner size.
  • place the slice parts on the top of each other.
  • cut it, like a very small stick and thinner size.

6. Julienne Cabbage:

  • remove the scrap, make fresh for ready to cut.
  • split it into four-part. If it will a big size, split it more part.
  • Remove now the solid part from the split apart.
  • Cut it crossly, very small thinner size like julienne style.

7. Julienne celery :

celery is very easily for julienne style from other vegetables.

  • Remove the leaf and the roots from celery, keep only branch part.
  • think matchstick for the correct shape.
  • Split it into the 3-4 part for reducing long.
  • With celery, cut the stalk then cut thinner size, lengthwise slice.

Learning Julienne Cutting
Learning Julienne style Cutting

Alert for the newbie:

  • If your not expert to use the knife, please use it very carefully.
  • Use a sharp and strong knife for best performance.
  • Practice slowly for the first time. Gradually, you can do it very fastly. Don’t do it, first-time like the expert person.
  • Keep another hand right position. carefully use Knife.
  • Very carefully for safe your hand, in the cutting time, ginger and onion.

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